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larklife learns your unique internal clock, or circadian rhythm, and finds the small changes you can make, like moving your exercise time to when your energy is at its peak, or adding in a snack when you hit a low, to make a big difference in how you feel.

Lark Energy Coaching

Lark Energy Coaching

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Smart tips are designed with the world’s top energy, health and sleep experts, including professors, scientists, pro-athlete coaches and top business executives.

meet the experts

Lark - Baba Shiv

Baba Shiv
Faculty, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Energy and Neuroscience Expert

Dr. Baba Shiv was instrumental in helping design LARK’s virtual coaching and behavior change system. Dr. Shiv’s research expertise is in the area of neuroeconomics, with specific emphasis on the role of neural structures related to emotion and motivation in shaping decisions and experiences. Dr. Shiv coaches Fortune 500 executives on optimizing productivity and decision making through diet, sleep, and exercise changes. A noted author and Stanford professor, he has also focused his attention onto the neuroeconomics behind innovation and entrepreneurship leadership in companies small and large.

Lark - Dr. Jo Solet

Dr. Jo Solet
Faculty, Harvard Medical School, Sleep Medicine

Sleep Expert Advisor

Dr. Jo Solet is a clinical instructor at the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine. She also helps people sleep better through her private practice. Bringing together evidence-based medicine with evidence-based design, she most recently led sleep environment disruption research that led hospitals to improve the way they're designed so patients can sleep better. With science, clinical, education and research degrees, Dr. Solet uniquely coordinates and contributes to interdisciplinary efforts, often serving in integrative and translational capacities. She has driven much of lark's product development, including lark's silent alarm technology that allows users to wake without a sound.

Lark - Cheri Mah

Cheri Mah
Pro-Sports Sleep Coach to NBA, NFL, NHL Teams

Co-Designer of lark's Sleep Sensor and Personal Sleep Coach

Cheri coaches elite athletes and teams in the NFL, NBA, and NHL to peak performance with optimal sleep. Cheri has spent nearly a decade as a sleep researcher at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Laboratory. Her research and work have been featured in the New York Times, ESPN, National Geographic Adventure, and US News & World Report. Cheri co-designed lark's Sleep Sensor and Personal Sleep Coach. Cheri uses sleep sensors in her work and collaborates with lark to bring this technology to the mobile phone for easy, everyday use. Working with our behavior change experts, Cheri brings best-in-class sleep coaching to real people.

Lark - Hyungsoo Kim

Hyungsoo Kim
Human Body Clock Expert

Co-Designer of lark's 7-Day Assessment

Hyungsoo specializes in non-pharmaceutical ways to improve sleep. He worked as a researcher at the Biological Rhythms Lab at Rush University Medical Center and focused on how to naturally shift human biological rhythms. Hyungsoo joined the lark team to bring more and better sleep to the rest of us. He is continually building out lark's action-oriented sleep assessment and plan.

Lark - Natalie Stein

Natalie Stein
Exercise and Nutrition Expert

Assistant Professor of Public Health, Michigan State University

Natalie brings years of knowledge and expertise on the areas of fitness and exercise to the lark team. Holding degrees in food science, nutrition, nutritional sciences and public health from Michigan State University, Natalie has spent the last several years as a professor in public health and developed a leading university's graduate certificate program in public health nutrition. Beyond nutrition, Natalie is an accomplished athlete having participated in Division I college Track and Field and Cross Country and having run several marathons. Her research focuses on the interactions between fitness and nutrition.

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