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bold, ergonomic design

The ergonomic day band is designed with your busy life in mind. It doesn’t get in the way at work, and is sweat-proof to power through your workouts with you. The night band is as comfortable to wear as pajamas.

Lark is ergonomic

Lark - Blue tooth

automatic syncing

larklife uses advanced Bluetooth® smart technology. The wristband automatically and continuously collects your data and syncs with the app. You don’t have to do a thing except wear it.

learns about you

larklife is so smart, it can tell whether you are walking or running. A continuous machine learning algorithm analyzes your activity and learns about your energy patterns.

Lark - Machine Learning

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Bluetooth smart

Get feedback in real-time with next-generation Bluetooth® smart technology.


24-hour tracking

One band for day, one for night, so your information gathers round the clock.


activity lights

Celebrate small wins and know when to be active with LED indicators.


intelligent accelerometer

Picks up millions of your body’s micromovements.


silent, vibrating alarm clock

Wake silently and gently without bugging anyone else, thanks to dynamic vibration.


one simple button

With one tap, sync your data, log a snack or go into sleep mode.

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