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LARK's wearable alarm clock wakes you silently, and lets your bedmate sleep in.

LARK's wearable alarm clock wakes you silently, and lets your bedmate sleep in.

It would be nice if our sleep schedule matched up perfectly with our partner's, but that's not always the case. That’s why we created lark, so you can sleep soundly and wake silently without disturbing your bedmate. 

lark's wearable silent alarm clock gently and naturally vibrates at your time of choosing.

➤ Perfect for couples with different schedules. Wakes you, and only you.

➤ Gentle wake-up avoids adrenaline rush associated with typical alarm clocks

➤ Natural wake-up gives you more energy throughout the day

➤ Comfortable vibrating wristband wakes you pleasantly

Plus, did you know that the way you wake up can have a big impact on how you feel throughout the day?

Afternoon energy levels can be predicted by what you do when you first get up. A typical frantic start to the day begins with a blaring alarm that can wake you up temporarily, but leaves you dragging later on. Low energy saps creativity, spontaneity, concentration, and motivation—not to mention the irritability and stress that it causes. 

So why does the morning rush let you down? According to researchers at Duke University Medical Center, both sudden activity and caffeine kick up your blood pressure and stress hormones, giving you a quick feeling of alertness and energy. But these adrenaline-producing tactics are short-lived. Once the mayhem is over, it’s crash time.

It’s much better to start the day by letting your body catch up to sleep-cycle cues that it collects. By coming out of sleep mode more naturally with our silent alarm clock, you help your body get off to a more relaxing start to a more energized day.

lark is a better way to start the day. For both of you.