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Lark - Julia Hu

Julia Hu
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Having been too often sleep deprived and dropping off exercise and diet regimens, Julia's goal is to make people happier and healthier as the CEO of lark technologies. Named Top 10 Most Innovative CE Companies in the World by Fast Company, lark is a mobile and wireless technology company that uses behavior change to personally coach people to feel great.

A serial entrepreneur, she has focused on growing early-stage startups in the consumer products and cleantech space. Prior to lark, she ran global startup incubator Clean Tech Open, her own green buildings startup, and worked in China to build consumer electronics with D.light Design.

She received her master’s and bachelor’s degrees at Stanford University and half a MBA from the MIT Sloan (a dropout, but they were kind enough to make lark a casestudy). She was an entrepreneur in residence at Stanford’s StartX incubator, and named Top Woman Entrepreneur Under 40 by Marie Claire Magazine.

Lark - Jeff Zira

Jeff Zira

VP, Product & Founder

Prior to joining lark in June 2011, Jeff co-founded a social networking startup in Japan and was a product manager at Yahoo! Homepage. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management. When possible, Jeff spends at least one whole day each weekend meditating.

Lark - Andy Turk

Andy Turk

Director, Embedded Systems

Andy has more than two decades of experience in software development and has been an early engineer in mobile and internet service companies. Previously, Andy founded Sarrus Software, Inc. (acquired by Sun Microsystems) and also founded Mindgarden.com. Andy has a wealth of additional experiences at Meredith Corp., Aplia, Danger, Inc., Streetlight Software, Pillar, Visix Software, and Applied Logic Systems where he held a variety of senior roles. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, cum laude, with a minor in Philosophy from Syracuse University.

Lark - Jean-Marc Parmentier

Jean-Marc Parmentier

Director, Software Engineering

Jean-Marc brings more than 20 years of experience in the field of software development and management. Prior to joining Lark, Jean-Marc was Manager of Solutions Engineering at Active Video Networks, the leading provider of interactive TV solutions for cable operators and the developer of CloudTV™. As a Senior Software Engineer, he was also instrumental in the success of Cloudmark, the award winning provider of messaging infrastructure and security solutions for e-mail. Prior to Cloudmark, Jean-Marc served as Architect and Software Engineering Manager at Intuit, where he led the development and launch of "Quicken Online" for European banks. Jean-Marc holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Control Data Institute in Paris and an Associate’s degree in Mathematics from Lycee Janson de Sailly, also in Paris.

Lark - Joe Cufari

Joe Cufari

Director, Partnerships

Joe has over two decades of experience as a sales and marketing expert with deep carrier market knowledge. Prior to joining Lark, Joe was the CMO of Reliance Communications and Personal Communication Devices, respectively. Additionally, he held various business development roles at Intellon Corporation, CURRENT Group, Global Grossing, Verizon Wireless and Cellular One.

Lark - Jack Yu

jack Yu


Jack is lark's CFO. He has been a CFO for portfolio companies funded by Bessemer, NEA, August Capital, Canaan Partners, Mayfield, Menlo Ventures, Sigma and Sierra Ventures. Hands-on strategic planning, internal control policy and implementation, financial management, manufacturing inventory management and MRP, stock option valuation (409A), option expense (FAS123R), Revenue recognition SOP97-2, financial reporting for board of directors and investors. Financial audit by Big 4 CPA firms. Successful fund raising and venture debt ($100M+). Foreign subsidiaries setup/administration (UK, China and India) and international tax planning & financial consolidation. Responsible for all the legal/sales contract negotiation

Our Experts

Lark - Baba Shiv

Baba Shiv
Energy and Neuroscience Expert

Faculty, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Dr. Baba Shiv was instrumental in helping design lark's virtual coaching and behavior change system. Dr. Shiv’s research expertise is in the area of neuroeconomics, with specific emphasis on the role of neural structures related to emotion and motivation in shaping decisions and experiences. Dr. Shiv coaches Fortune 500 executives on optimizing productivity and decision making through diet, sleep, and exercise changes. A noted author and Stanford professor, he has also focused his attention onto the neuroeconomics behind innovation and entrepreneurship leadership in companies small and large.

Lark - Dr. Jo Solet

Dr. Jo Solet
Behavioral Medicine Expert

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Jo Solet is a cognitive behavioral therapist and a clinical instructor at the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine. She also helps people sleep better through her private practice. Bringing together evidence-based medicine with evidence-based design, she most recently led sleep environment disruption research that led hospitals to improve the way they're designed so patients can sleep better. With science, clinical, education and research degrees, Dr. Solet uniquely coordinates and contributes to interdisciplinary efforts, often serving in integrative and translational capacities. She has driven much of lark's product development, including lark's silent alarm technology that allows users to wake without a sound.

Lark - Itai Vonshak

Itai Vonshak

User Behavior Expert

VP Product, WebOS, LG

Itai Vonshak advises lark's product design team on producing products that engage users through a strong user experience. He currently leads the Human Interface team for Hewlett-Packard's mobile WebOS platform. Itai has a long list of credentials within the world of user experience and software design going back more than a decade including serving as senior user experience engineer at eblaze mobile in his native Israel and co-founding several startups of his own. He joined HP in 2010 to design new versions of WebOS. His focus building technologies that improve users' lives through smart designs.

Lark - Cheri Mah

Cheri Mah

Co-Designer Of Lark's Sleep Sensor & Personal Sleep Coach

Cheri coaches elite athletes and teams in the NFL, NBA, and NHL to peak performance with optimal sleep. Cheri has spent nearly a decade as a sleep researcher at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Laboratory. Her research and work have been featured in the New York Times, ESPN, National Geographic Adventure, and US News & World Report. Cheri co-designed lark's Sleep Sensor and Personal Sleep Coach. Cheri uses sleep sensors in her work and collaborates with lark to bring this technology to the mobile phone for easy, everyday use. Working with our behavior change experts, Cheri brings best-in-class sleep coaching to real people.

Lark - Hyungsoo Kim

Hyungsoo Kim
Human Body Clock Expert

Co-Designer of lark's 7-Day Sleep Assessment

Hyungsoo specializes in non-pharmaceutical ways to improve sleep. He worked as a researcher at the Biological Rhythms Lab at Rush University Medical Center and focused on how to naturally shift human biological rhythms. Hyungsoo joined the lark team to bring more and better sleep to the rest of us. He is continually building out lark's action-oriented sleep assessment and plan.

Lark - Natalie Stein

Natalie Stein
Exercise and Nutrition Expert

Assistant Professor of Public Health, Michigan State University

Natalie brings years of knowledge and expertise on the areas of fitness and exercise to the lark team. Holding degrees in food science, nutrition, nutritional sciences and public health from Michigan State University, Natalie has spent the last several years as a professor in public health and developed a leading university's graduate certificate program in public health nutrition. Beyond nutrition, Natalie is an accomplished athlete having participated in Division I college Track and Field and Cross Country and having run several marathons. Her research focuses on the interactions between fitness and nutrition.

Lark - Heather Milton

Heather Milton
Exercise and Physical Activity Guru

Supervising Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer

Heather has spent her entire personal and professional life dedicated to healthy behaviors and behavior change. She began with an interest in sports conditioning after being a USAG Gymnast and Track and Field competitor. While in college at Northeastern University, she realized there is much more to physical activity and exercise than achieving peak performance and began to learn more about the powerful tool of exercise as medicine. After completion of her Master degree in Exercise Physiology, she began work in a diagnostic cardiology lab using exercise as a modality to help physicians diagnose various heart, lung and metabolism conditions. She also continues her 10-year career as a personal trainer to help individuals achieve a variety of health and fitness goals.