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Founded in 2010, lark technologies is a consumer electronics company that makes wearable wellness monitors. Our products include larklife, lark and lark pro. We take a holistic approach to developing our products that includes innovative hardware, intuitive software and expert-backed content.

lark is a venture-backed company funded by Asset Management Ventures, Golden Seeds, CrunchFund and others.

Company mission

Our mission is to improve what matters most to people in their lives. We make wearable and mobile technology that gives them advanced understanding of their wellness. We offer much more than trackers. We give people comprehensive, science-backed experiences that help them tap into their energy and feel great.


How lark started

"I started lark technologies out of necessity. I had just moved in with my fiancé and his alarm clock. Every morning at 5:30, the incessant beeping would wake me up as well (and his constant snoozing wasn’t helping either). I wasn’t sleeping well, which was making me irritable and depressed. I saw my productivity at work drop and I started gaining weight.

I was sure there had to be a better way, but, as I looked around, I couldn’t find any product on the market that fit our particular needs. It was then, at 5:30 am one fateful Saturday, that I began to develop the lark silent alarm clock. Working alongside a team of engineers and sleep experts, our goal was to provide the best silent alarm clock available.

In a few short months, the original lark hit store shelves, and what had begun as a vibrating silent alarm clock grew to become one of the most popular sleep sensors available. Our product has grown to become a more comprehensive sleep product including the best sleep coaching available.

At lark, we heard time and again about how our products changed peoples lives -- the couples who could sleep together in peace, the hard of hearing who found a reliable way to wake up, those who suffer from sleeping disorders and just regular people looking for a more natural way to wake up each morning.

With our newest product, larklife, we built upon our sleep expertise in developing the original lark and created a more comprehensive product that coaches our users 24 hours a day to help them feel better and get more out of their days. larklife recommends small, achievable improvements in their nutrition, activity and sleep. larklife was the logical next step for lark as we move towards our goal of better health for all with smarter technology.”

Julia Hu, CEO of lark



Whether your goal is more quality time with the kids, a big promotion or just having enough energy for a big night out on the town, our products help you celebrate the little daily victories in sleep, diet and activity that lead to big results in how you feel.

lark products work with you and your busy schedule. From reminding you to take breaks to coaching you to better sleep, larklife, lark pro and lark help you get that extra energy to make the most of every day.

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2570 El Camino Real, Suite 100, Mountain View, CA 94040
408.915.5275 | (fax): 650.209.1690 | Questions? Email us

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